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Jacq. 25. Full-time Beatlemaniac. I'm a John girl with a very soft spot for Paul. Any good fangirl who loves one of 'em, loves 'em both. "Insert your face here" photos are my specialty. Welcome to the mania.
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~ Sunday, March 9 ~
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John and Paul


John and Paul

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~ Sunday, February 9 ~
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~ Friday, January 3 ~

princess-of-rock-n-roll said: Hey, Jacq! Thank you for making "Loving John" available...I was thoroughly into the book when suddenly after pages 145 and 146, it would not let me open more. Is there a way to prevent this so I can keep reading? thanks again so much x

Hey I just checked it out and it works for me so hm I don’t know. Anyone else experiencing this or know something that might work when you run into this sort of problem?

~ Thursday, January 2 ~

Hey guys, back by popular demand Loving John is up, hopefully it won’t get taken down this time since it’s a link through haha. I couldn’t get it to upload in forward order and I don’t have the time to re-title all 160some files so that they do, so yeah just start at the last file and go back. It’s just backwards, not in some crazy random order. Sorry if that’s a giant inconvenience for some haha, if I get some extra time one of these days maybe I’ll re-title them all and get em in order. ANYway, in the meantime, enjoy.

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across-the-mystery-tour said: Hey Luv!^^ Your Loving John blog has been taken down :[ I really want to read the book,so hopefully the blog can be back up soon^^

I know :( tumblr slammed me for copyright (years later haha so way to go). I’m trying to figure out another way to upload it so everyone can still read it and share it but haven’t gotten around to doing so yet. I’ll update the links and post about it when I do!

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~ Wednesday, December 25 ~
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~ Monday, December 23 ~

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~ Thursday, December 5 ~

Anonymous said: i'm late but tell that dumb anon (who posted on Oct 20th) that John NEVER beat his wives. I don't know what shit he/she's been reading on the internet, but both Cynthia and Yoko said John never hit them. READ CYNTHIA'S BOOK. She said he only hit her once and that was before they were even married. He hit neither Cyn nor Yoko so unless he had a. secret. third. wife. who. the. fuck. did. he. beat. Fucking John haters gtfo


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~ Thursday, November 21 ~


Old Paul reflecting on an early Beatles picture (x)

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